They say that dreams are to meet them. Our dream is to create original and unique furniture. Imagine furniture that is so beautiful that you can sit in front of them on a stool and stare at their line. Imagine furniture, which with its lighting make the interior acquire a unique mood, and the atmosphere of the surroundings arouses emotions ... These are the furniture IRGA Design


We are inspired by the beautiful things that surround us. Sports cars, planes, nature is what affects the look of our furniture while taking into account the art of creation. We love new innovative ideas that we are boldly pursuing. From the beginning of the action, we value care for details, material, quality and design.


We create furniture for people who want unique furniture that arouses emotions both day and night. We meet every day by developing new styles for you and choosing the best materials. Thanks to passion, perseverance and motivation, we develop to create unique furniture with an original character

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