Commode R is a modern rtv cabinet designed with passion for motoring. Ideally suits modern interiors, lofts. Led lighting is inspired by the current sports cars. Commode R was designed according to the principles of the golden divide, also known as the divine proportion. The front is made in technology developed by Irgadesign especially for the needs of the cabinet. It has a built-in glass imitating the effect of a car lamp with LEDs inside. Thanks to aggressive shapes, both day and night they make a fulminating lighting effect. The led's in the cabinet are RGB and a remote control controlling lighting, including color change and lighting effects, is attached to the cabinet. The front of the cabinet is opened by the push to open method, ie when pressed on the front it opens itself. The cabinet is made of MDF board lacquered from all visible sides. The center of the cabinet is designed to fit RTV equipment and CDs, DVDs. Installation of the cabinet is maximally simplified so that everyone will do it. The instruction for folding the cabinet is included in the set.

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